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Here's the latest news from our floating world.

Updated 20th of December 2018


 Up dated 28th of March 2019.

    Carole has a new table on the boat.

        Carole's got a new table

With a nod to the drop down table cupboard door in the back cabin of traditional working boats Col has been doing some improvement work to the narrow boat "Emma Maye".

The table folds up when stored to be against the wall of the boat, and though Col's carpentry skills aren't that great, it does the job...more industrial than manor house. What we need now is someone to paint a canal boat style castle on the back of the table, as they did on some of the working boats.

Carole of The Wool Boat is using her new table here to hold her note books, pens, T V remote and wine glass as she knits a "Scarborough gansey"

    January 2019

      Big job completed, a new pattern, 200 balls of yarn and 200 sets of needles 

    A few weeks ago we where contacted by a marketing agency, Kenyon's from Liverpool and asked if we could help with supplying materials to form knitting kits to be given away by a client as a promotion.

Once we had found out a bit more we said yes.

So with a trip over to Yorkshire to pick up extra "Top Value" from J C Brett's, Carole writing and knitting up a pattern, sourcing the needles, a great overnight delivery service from Groves and Banks we delivered the yarn and needles to Rodney Street in Liverpool.

The pattern went via e-mail, and the whole lot was packed up into kits that on Friday the 14th of December where distributed to folks in South Yorkshire.

The job seems to have been a great success and we have put a press release together with a quote from Kate at Travel South Yorkshire as to what they had achieved.  

"Floating wool shop helps with Car Free Friday launch in South Yorkshire.


SYPTE, the organisation behind Travel South Yorkshire, have been encouraging people who travel in the region to make #LittleBigChanges by choosing more sustainable ways to travel which can benefit people's health and the environment. One of their suggestions is 'Car Free Friday', which asks drivers to switch their car for public transport, walking or cycling just one day per week.

 On Friday the 14th of December extra encouragement was given as travellers on buses, trams and trains were offered free knitting kits, to enable them to have a go at creating a simple hat while on their commute or trip into town.

"The idea is that people can use their commuting time to be creative, or to relax, instead of driving", says SYPTE's Marketing Manager Kate Handley. "Travelling in a more active way is also a great way to introduce exercise into your life and helps to cut air pollution, as one double decker bus can potentially take up to 75 cars off the road." 

 The pattern for the hat was designed by Carole Wareing of The Wool Boat, while Colin, her husband and stock controller for the Wool Boat worked on supplying the 200 ball of yarn and the sets of knitting needles for the kits.

Colin commented: "The yarn wasn't a problem, with it coming from our regular suppliers James C Brett's in Bingley, the needles being a bit more of an extra order as we normally only sell about a dozen pairs of that size of needle a year" 

                                       Winter warmer hat  The hat. 

                                  Colin loading yarn from the boat into the truck to deliver to Kenyons. 

                  Loading yarn from the boat to the truck to deliver to Kenyon's  

                               Knitting kits ginen out in South Yorkshire 

                                  The kits given away in South Yorkshire     

                                 knitting packs being given away in South Yorkshire

                           The kits being given away in South Yorkshire

 Carole is learning to Crochet

 Carole learning to crochet


Learning to crochet at the K and N 26.7.18

The Slipway Stitchers are a group of mainly ladies that meet up on a Thursday afternoon to knit and natter in the Slipway Pub next to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Burscough.

They love to passes their skills onto one another and so Max has been teaching Joan and Carole how to crochet.

Photo image Cw 6308 Copyright Colin Wareing 

Update 20.7.18 

Colin has been working on a bit of a project over the last couple of days, which hopefully may end up being published somewhere.

Canal Laureate paddles through West Lancashire.

Nancy Campbell is the current canal laureate and last week she paddled her kayak along the Leeds and Liverpool canal through Halsall, Burscough and onto Parbold as part of a 100 mile trip.

The canal laureate is appointed by The Poetry Society and Canal & River Trust to write new poems inspired by the Canal network, with Nancy being the third one following Jo Bell, and Luke Kennard.

On Thursday the 19th of July, Nancy was paddling on quite a warm day, so called in at The Slipway pub on Crabtree Lane near Burscough where she was welcomed by Sonia Swarbrick, the pub's manageress.

The poems that Nancy will write from the inspiration she finds from the voyage will be published on the Waterlines, canal and river poetry website at www.waterlines.org.uk/canal-laureate/


 Nancy Campell at Crabtree Lane


 Nancy and Sonia at the Slipway

"Royal visitors" with a special lady on board moor alongside the Wool Boat.

The Wool Boat had some "royal" visitors whilst she was moored and open in Parbold on the 3rd of June.

"Duke" and "Duchess" moored alongside "Emma Maye" to enable some of the guests from the hotel pair to stock up with wool and yarn from the Wool Boat.

One of these guests was a very special lady in the history of The Wool Boat, Glenys, as it was Glenys that was the lady who back in 2009 knocked on Carole's boat roof in Riddlesden in West Yorkshire and asked if she had any wool for sale?

At the time Carole only had aboard the wool she was using for creating the knitwear she was selling.

Glenys suggested Carole should consider selling some wool as knitting was becoming popular again and there were not as many local yarn shops about as there used to be.

Riddlesden is not to far along the canal from Bingley where J C Bretts winding house is so Carole and Colin obtained the first supplies of yarn from there a few days later...and so "The Wool Boat" was born. All thanks to Glenys

Carole knitting on the bank at Parbold 28.5.18

Up date the 27.9.17

The Snake

We have another stowaway on The Wool Boat. The Snake.

The snake was crocheted by Lorraine from Alsager and for a while was making its way up one of her drain pipes. It has now slithered aboard The Wool Boat and made its self at home wrapped around the seat back and a handrail.

The question now of course is what should we call it?

For folks of a certain vintage he doesn't hiss and has now't to do with the gas board J


  The Bridgewater canal is reopened! After waiting and wondering if the stoppage for the reconstruction of the Vicars Hall Bridge would be finished on time Colin went for a look on the 24th of May and arrived just at the right time as they where digging the last stones out of the canal that had formed the stoppage, and the dam across the canal.

   Last stones coming out of The Bridgewater 

    Digging the last stones out 

Ist Boat through the stoppage 

                                   1st boat through the stoppage 

                There are a couple more pictures in our canal gallery here 

We had a day off yesterday the 10th of May and went for a walk around Downham in the Ribble valley.

We had our dinner in the Assheton Arms, which was very pleasant. The walk was from the now defunct? Lancashire walks and wildlife magazine.

We found a few sheep and lambs to take pictures of.

Sheep and tree breaking into bud 

   Sheep and tree breaking into bud near Downham. 

Ewe and lamb near Downham 

     Ewe and lamb and lamb on the walk near Downham 11.5.17 

For a good few years we have been publishing our Newsletter,

   "Creations Chronicles" and here is copy no 69 than can be viewed as a pdf

Creations chronicles no 69 April 2017 

Knit for charity day on the Wool Boat.

We held our knit for Charity day on Wednesday the 8th March when we opened moored outside Burscough Wharf.

We had done the majority of the advertising through social media and the net with just a few posters up around the village.

We had three aim's from the day

One was to give people that knit for charity chance to try some better quality yarn, at least in our opinion, than they can buy in such places as B and M, pound shops, Aldi etc.

Two was to move some of our stocks that have been hanging around for a while.

Three was in the hope that some of the customers would return to buy at our normal prices.

We where lucky with the weather in that Carole was on the back deck of the boat with the samples of the yarn, mainly J C Bretts Top Value Dk.

This meant Capt Col could have the yarn laid out on the tables inside so it was handy to get at.

We opened from 10-4, we deliberately choose a weekday as we could then just concentrate on selling the yarn in the offer keeping it simple.

We normally sell Top Value at £1.80 per 100gram, but for this day it was £1.

We didn't ask for proof they were going to knit for charity with the yarn they bought.

We mainly had people come and buy a selection of various colours, with just one person buying enough of one shade which she admitted was to knit a jumper for a fella.

By the end of the day we felt it had been quite a success, selling 78 balls of the top value, so moving some of the slow sellers but we also where happy to sell other yarns on the day of course, and sold about another £80's worth as well at normal price.

Would we do it again? Yes but perhaps try it on a Saturday, but not for a while until we have built up some more slow moving stock. Oh yes and we have had people come back for yarn at normal price.

Carole and Capt Col, The Wool Boat in Burscough.


Mean while the 1st stitches of 2017 are on the needles

1st stitches of the new year

It's 09.37 and Carole creates her first stitches of the New Year aboard the narrow boat "Emma Maye" in Lancashire.

The garment will become a Aran v neck jumper for a chap in Skelmersdale.


                              Tinsel and bunting blowing in the wind  

The bunting wasn't up on the boat over Christmas as we've moved it and the tinsel to decorate the Christmas tress we've planted over the years alongside our mooring at Crabtree Lane. It's done well to stay attached over the last few days...and before long there will another tree to plant.

Knitted bunting on the Christmas trees


We've put all the yarn away, the lights are up on the real tree, so it's a Happy Christmas to all our friends and customers where ever you may be..

Christmas lights on the wool boat



Dee's Crochet lesson on the Wool Boat.

On the 2nd of November Carole Wareing of the Wool Boat is teaching Dee basic crocheting aboard the narrow boat "Emma Maye" in Burscough.

This was Carole's first foray into teaching crochet and both of the ladies a cracking good time.

Image Cw 1935 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations

Dee's Crochet lesson


Yarn delivery to The Wool Boat Sept 2016.

Yarn delivery to The wool boat Sept 2016

We've been to J C Bretts and had a bit of a stocking up session, mainly to replenish

stocks, especially of red green and white as people start thinking of Christmas

knits but there is also a couple of new shades of Aran in there. All will be

unpacked and on sale in Foulridge this coming weekend.

 March the 26th 2016

Capt Col has a new jumper.

Capt cols new jumper March 2016



I've got a new jumper this is version no 4 hand knitted by Carole. I sold the first one to a chap in a pub. The other two have been relegated to work jumpers, not allowed to go to the pub in them as they are getting a bit worn through daily wearing..

January 2016 outside The Farmers Arms

This was the sun shine last Friday, let's hope for the same next Thursday and into the weekend when we may still be here, or we may be in Burscough village, we'll decide later in the week. But do come along on Thursday and see us, loads of nice yarn, a pub full of nice food and great beer and plenty of handy parking.

Emma Maye outside the Farmers 22.1.16



             What does Ted do on a grubby day?

Sorts out the stock we picked up from Diggle on Thursday 14.1.16

Now all available from The Wool Boat.

This stock we picked up from Wooly Knits on the banks of the Huddersfield narrow canal and includes,

Countryside Tweed DK in shades "Sandstone", and "Pembroke", 100gram balls are £6.50 each or £5.85 at Teds mates rates.

Classics Colour splash D K this one being shade "Sunburst" which is added to the other shades we have. These are 50 gram balls at £4.70 or £4.23 at Ted's mates rates.

The other 3 packs are a new line for us, Lofty Chunky in the shades "Sapphire", "Biscuit" and "Blackberry". These are 100gram balls and £ 6.50 per ball or £5.85 at Ted's mates rates.

Ted and wooly knits stock





         1st stitches of the New Year 2016, a bit late, it was nearly 9pm!

 1st stitches of the new year

        This was actually the first picture of the year, dawn over the Crabtree Lane moorings

            Dawn over Crabtree Lane 1.1.2016

Happy Christmas to every one, friends customers old and new.

      We've come away from our mooring for a few days and are moored in isolation just below the big lock at Appley Bridge, one of our favourite moorings.

     moored below Appley Big lock


Boat Problems November 2015 Up date 20.11.15

UPDATE 11.12.15

Capt Col has effected a repair to Emma Maye and we are able to move again.

Paris….. some knock on effects

It's a week today since the wholesale murders in Paris, and our sympathies are still going out to all those involved, once again the world has changed for a lot of people because of the actions of a few.

We heard yesterday from our engineer, who is to fix the problems on "Emma Maye".

Unfortunately he had a close relative caught up in the Paris situation so is away at the moment dealing with that.

We still want him to do the job, which we have told him, and we are prepared to wait until he's available.

So for the time being we won't be moving the boat to far, if the wind isn't blowing too hard we'll have a go at moving over from our mooring to the towpath side of the canal near the Slipway, between the Crabtree Lane Bridge and Burscough, or if not we have permission to be open on the mooring.

In the mean time we are quite happy to supply yarn, garments, calendars etc by post, or deliver locally and what has worked quite well for us and customers on a few occasions is a "Personal Appointment".

We arrange a day and time for you to visit "Emma Maye" the worlds only floating yarn shop, and so you can have a relaxing hour picking out patterns and yarn's with assistance from Carole the knitter, and we'll even give you a brewJ

Please feel free to ring us on 07931 356204, e-mail us, message us, what ever and we'll look forwards to welcoming you on board

As a alternative idea if any one is aware of any local Christmas Fairs, at schools, community organizations we could attend that would be great.

Thanks for you patience and support.

Colin and Carole, The Wool Boat.




                                  Is your yarn out of control?

All over the floor or table, attacked by the cats?

The Wool Boat has the answer, a unique yarn holder.

Yarn holder

Just slip your ball of yarn into the holder and knit away,

    taking the yarn from the centre of the ball.

Available now, in two sizes, for 50 gram or 100 gram balls,

while stocks last, from The Wool Boat

for £1 or free with any purchase of yarn.


Today's walk Marple Locks 21.8.15

 Todays Walk, Marple Locks.

We have decide we should be doing some more exercise, I spend too much time playing on computers and Carole spends a lot of time sat knitting, which has got to be done, she has plenty of orders at the moment.

But we have tried to get a walk in a week, which we have been fairly successful at...

Today we took a walk down the Marple Locks to Romiley and back. The weather wasn't too bad, a bit humid but at least no rain.

The top few pounds of the flight looked a bit low in water but once past the road bridge below the lock near the mill there seemed to be more water, is there a extra source that flows in there?

We walked across the Marple Aqueduct that it is proposed to fit railings too on the off side...though what good it will do, except may be to get rid of the red warning signs.

It was different walking over the Hyde Bank tunnel instead of boating under it.

What does the factory do on the off side just beyond the tunnel?

We had dinner in The Spread Eagle just off the canal near bridge 14, though more visible from the aqueduct just before the bridge, where there are steps down from the towpath.

The Spread Eagle it seems used to be a Robinsons pub but now is part of the Almond Family pubs chain and we would recommend it. Good food, we both had Chilli Jacket potatoes with as much salad as we wanted from the salad bar. A nice pint of "Tip of the Tongue" bitter from the Stockport brewery, before retracing our steps along the canal.

Marple Locks 

Cw 1451 Marple locks 21.8.15

A busy scene on the Marple flight of locks on the Peak Forest canal, Dog walking, car's and a hire boat working down the locks while the "Wandering Duck" crew wait to come up.

Photo Copyright Colin Wareing



Colin Wareing 21.8.15

We're in Waterways World,  June 2015.

Waterways World June 2015

This article written by Sarah Henshaw appeared on pages 16 and 17 of the June 2015 issue of Waterways World magazine. Sarah had been and visited us on the Wool Boat earlier in the year and has included quite a bit about Carole's gansey knitting and pattern writing, and our search through the Northwest gansey project in the search for gansey patterns from the northwest of the and the inland waterways of the country.

This links in with our Northwest gansey project


GOOD NEWS 11.12.14.

We got a note yesterday 11.12.14, (Anne the shop manageress had been carrying it around in her car trying to catch us) from the Queenscourt Hospice shop to say thanks for the fibre Fest 2014 when they made £156.80. that's good news.



 Yarn in Parbold

We have been contacted by a chap in Parbold Lancashire who used to run a couple of knitting mills in Wigan and Stoke.
He has a good number of cones of cotton acrylic and nylon mixes of yarn that he needs to dispose of and wondered if we would be interested in it.
It is mainly single or two twist ply that maybe good for machine knitting but not really for hand knitters.
It is in a range of colours, with a lot of pinks/corals, with some camel, white and navy blue.
The cones weigh 1-2kg
Would anyone be interested in any if we where to buy it? Or if some one wants the chaps contact details give us a shout and we'll pass them on, though he is looking to sell it as a job lot, about 8 cases.

Yarn in Parbold 

We've been to J C Bretts for a stock up before our summer cruise

Carole at J C Brett's

 We've been taking on extra stock for our summer trip.


It's June the 25th 2014 and Carole of The Wool Boat stands outside Monarch Mills on Clyde Street in Bingley West Yorkshire.

She was there to collect some extra supplies of yarn before the Wool Boat sets off on this years summer cruise.

 It was nearly 5 years, to the day, (19th June 2009) that Carole and Colin picked up their 1st cargo of yarn from Brett's and loaded it onto their then narrowboat "Patty Ann" and the unique floating yarn and knitting shop "The Wool Boat" set sail for the first time along the canals and inland waterways of the country.


Deputy Mayor visit's Knit and Natter 19th June 2014

This years World Wide knit in public day has come and gone and the deputy Mayor, Rosie Evans, of West Lancashire, and her consort Ruth Melling joined us, and seemed to have a good time.

                 Fun at the K and N


At the Wool Boat's World wide knit in public day 2014 the deputy mayor of West Lancashire, Rosie Evans, has a go at practising her knitting with Carole from the boat, Edwina a group member and Ruth Melling the mayor's consort. The event was held on the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at The Farmers Arm's pub, where the group meets every Thursday afternoon.

Carole and The Deputy Mayor 

A mayoral visit to The Wool Boat.

The deputy mayor of West Lancashire and her consort with Carole Wareing aboard the unique floating wool and yarn shop, The Wool Boat.

Rosie Evans, the deputy Mayor is on the left of Carole, and Ruth Melling her consort is to the right.

The occasion was the Wool boat's weekly knit and natter in the Farmer's arms pub on the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool canal at New Lane near Burscough in West Lancashire, with this week's session being a World Wide Knit in Public day.


The Wool Boat crew visit a Mawdesley Primary School

On the afternoon of 25thMarch 2014 Carole and
Colin Wareing left the comfort of their narrowboat "Emma Maye" to pay a visit
to SS. Peter and Paul's Catholic Primary School on Ridley Lane in Mawdesley.

The school has a very active craft club for pupils that
gladly give up part of their lunch breaks to learn age old skills of knitting
and crochet from teaching and welfare assistant Sally Coomber.

Carole and Colin were there to lend a hand with the knitting,
along with showing and telling the pupils what life is like living and working
a floating yarn shop from a canal boat, as "Emma Maye" is also the Wool Boat.

Following the normal knitting session the pupils where shown
pictures of life on the canal and had the chance to ask lots of questions of
the couple, "What happens if you get frozen in ice in the middle of the canal?
how do you get your shopping? how long have you been knitting? Does Colin knit?
How do you turn the boat round? Have you ever lost the boat? Have you got a
mascot? No well what about…followed by lots of suggestions from crossed
knitting needles to a wooden sheep on top of the boat.

Carole and Girls at Peters and Pauls

Carole Wareing from The Wool Boat watches Eloise Ackers
finger knitting as Holly Marsden takes a pause in her knitting to watch on.

Carole at St Peters and Pauls

 Carole Wareing from The Wool Boat watches Sam Robinson practicing his peg knitting.

   If any other schools would like to arrange for us to come in, please get in touch.

  Walking Through history, The T.V. apperance, Feb 2014.


Carole and Tony Robinson

                   Claire from Radio Lancashire


T.V apperance

In September 2013 we where contacted by Wildfire Television who where recording a episode of "Walking through History" with Sir Tony Robinson

He walked along the Leeds and Liverpool canal from Liverpool toWigan
in October 2013 and just "happened" to come across Carole sat on the
back of "Emma Maye" and fell into conversation with her about
knitting Gansey's.

We had conformation that Carole would be in the programme, which was very
interesting with plenty of filming along the canal around Burscough.

It was broadcast on Sat 8th Feb 2014 on channel 4 t.v

It generated plenty of work for Carole and her knitters, with plenty of orders

Claire from Radio Lancashire also came to see us on the morning ofthe 5th Feb to record a interview with Carole about the filming that went out on Graham Liver's Breakfast Show the following morning.


A big thank you to all the 1400 plus people on Ravelry and Face Book who read and responded to our posting in October 2013 "Will he be lucky tonight?" 

Burscough Calander 2013

We still have some copies of The 2013 Calander for Burscough available, so if you would like one please contact us. All the images are now on The Burscough Gallery page.        


  Craft, Hobby and Stitch International Trade show

                              at the NEC.     


      On Sunday 17th Feb 2013 we had a day out at the CHSI trade show at the NEC. This is one of the major shows in the country for the craft trade. A lot of paper craft, jewellrey, stamping, beading, fabric and equipment. It is also the place where the new yarns are first shown.

     So here are a few pics from the show

   J.c. Bretts Mega chunky   

To the left is the J.C.Bretts display of Merino Double kniting yarns, Merino Chunky and Rustic Mega Chunky.

         Ladies and undyed yarn   

Two Ladies are inspecting undyed yarns on the H W Hammand
& Co stand at the Craft, hobby and Stitch International show at the NEC Feb 2013



     Carole looking at yarns

 Above is Carole, weighing up a offering of skeins of yarn from "Fyberspates" on the stand of Bluefaced yarns.

D y stand at NECLeft is part of the Designer yarns stand at the show.
While we where looking round we also ordered some new styles of wooden buttons along with some more books for our book sale shelf on Emma Maye.
when they are delivered we will get a list and some pic's on here. 
We also took in a seminar about blogging, as Capt Col is considering starting a blog when we set off crusing on "Emma Maye" this summer.
The seminar was hosted by Perry Lewis, who's blog is Make do with Perry, and despite her having computer problems she rasied some good points.



         Alpaca Yarns at the Nec     This basket of yarn is produced from Alpaca, which we may consider stocking if there is interet from our customers. It is produced by UK Alpaca from Devon.


                    Drained Canal in Burscough

              Pictures of the drained Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Burscough

              in Jan 2013. The canal was drained to replace a culvert.


                 Drained canal in Burscough        Drained Leeds and Liverpool Canal 

                   The story of Kevin the Knitting Snowman, Jan 2013

                           Hiya all, I'm Kevin, a snowman that knits

                                Kevin the knitting snowman

      I was created by Capt Col on the morning of Sat 19th January 2013, from a overnight snowfall in West Lancashire. The Capt had moored the Wool Boat outside the Slipway pub with the hope of selling some yarn.....

                      After I came to life Carole, my mum, taught me how to knit :-)


Kevin the knitting snowman, no 2
I was destined for worldwide fame as a model for next year's "knitty" Christmas Card's
even getting some brighter yarn going on a scarf that I was hoping to get finished before I melted away.


Kevin The knitting snowman, no 3

            I'd even grown some teeth, but I'm not quite sure of my dad Capt Col trying to  

                              make me into a Southport Football Club fan

       But alas, my short life was cruelly cut short about 10 hours after I'd been born, even though I'd already brought a lot of joy to passers by......

    While Mum amd Dad where in The Slipway having a pint, some nice person decided to take my head off and send it into the canal.......


Kevin the knitting snowman, the end


            So that was the end of my short life....but my memory will live on, Mum is carrying on knitting my scarf, it could even be the start of a "Kevin's" Knitwear range, and if it is ever found out who did it....there are some sharp points on the end of those no 10 knitting kneedles.



Carole at Radio C and W radio Studio

We've been on the radio again:-)
Carole and Colin did a live radio interview about The Wool Boat on the afternoon show on Radio Coventry and Warwickshire at about 15.30 on 5th July with Mollie Green



   We are members of The Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board and they have done us proud in their "Lancashire Visitor Guide 2012"

Article from Lancs visitor Guide 2012 


15th November

Carole Knitting S.F.c Jumper    Colin in S.F.c jumper

9th November

      The F.A. cup, Southport v Sheffield Wednesday, a new Jumper and us.  

  Well it's all over, after a crazy week in the build up and then a great day on Sunday Southport got knocked out of this years F.A.Cup being beaten 2-5 by Sheffield Wednesday.

  The build up started as soon as Southport and Sheffield Wednesday where drawn out of the hat, and then ITV decided to screen the game live on national T.V with a 12.00 kick off.

  This ensured that the whole town and the club got loads of media coverage and so did we.

   Carole had been knitting me a "replica" SFC Shirt and when the Southport Visiter picked up on this she had to get it finished for the game, which she did.

  The actual game was played in perfect conditions, no wind, bright sun,  lovely pitch, nearly a full house of 4500 speceys. The highlights for us where the 2 times when we drew level from 0-1 down and 2-1 down. But alas the team from two leagues higher went into the hat and we can now concentrate on the league. 

   We have already had a enquiry for a Alty jumper!

   Press reports on the game are here...

    BBC non league page

    The Liverpool Echo

8th October 2010

 We are featured in todays Ormskirk Advertizer, one of our local newspapers, read the article here.


25th October 2010

Carole has been asked to be a guest on the Graham Liver Breakfast Show on Radio Lancashire Carole and Graham Liveron Monday morning....


And after a very early start, well for canal people, here is Carole and Graham in the Radio Lancashire studio in Blackburn.

You can still listen to the show for a few days on the bbc i player by following this link 



26th August 2010

                                        Visit from the Mulberry Tree Stitchers 


Mulberry Tree Stitchers


    Last Monday while still moored in Bollington we had a visit from a wonderful group of ladies who are The Mulberry Tree Stitchers.

   They are a group of knitters and stitchers that meet on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Mulberry Tree Cafe, at the Silk Museum, the Heritage Centre in Roe Street, Macclesfield.

    Their next meeting is on the 13th September from 10.30 to noon and we're sure they would love to welcome other interested knitters and stitchers.

  If any other knitting groups would like to arrange a visit to "Emma Maye"   please get in touch.


up date 8th June.

  Caroles new stripped jumper, we look grand when we both go out in them together!

It should be good when we go out to the Fringe at Middlewich.

April 2010

The other big news is that at last Carole has had time to knit me a jumper!



 Colins new multicolour jumper

And what a cracker, it makes for some interesting coments...if you want one just ask!