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Last up dated 21st August 2015

This is the page for that something really special that you have imagined but just can't get on the high street

 All these garments are now with their new owners but can be reproduced in colours and sizes as you require

     Whilst you can have a Gansey knitted to your size and colour requirements Carole and her team can produce that something really special and personal to you.

     You can really let your imagination go here, Carole being confident she can convert your ideas into reality. Here is a selection of  items that have been commisioned and are now keeping their owners warm and toasty.


Maroon Cardigan
Maroon Cardigan
Size 28-30
Price £20.
Hand knitted in Lancashire by Helen
for Colin and Caroles Creations.
Garment no 71

                                         Baby Blanket


Baby blanket

Baby blanket hand knitted by Carole Wareing of The Wool Boat and Colin and Carole's Creations

Three main colours, peach, mint and cream, separated by black, and edged in navy blue.

Can be knitted form a wide range of colour combinations.

Size approx 60cm x 80cm / 24 inch x 32 inches, in this image the blanket is folded double.

Knitted for J.C. Brett's acrylic Top Value yarn for easy care and washing.


                          Spanish Lace Jumper


Spanish Lace Jumper


Colour.... Maroon

Size.....36 inch

Price Sold, but can be reproduced

Yarn 4 Ply Acrylic

Hand knitted in Lancashire by Glenys for Colin and Carole's Creations

Garment 0052


Stripped V Neck Sleeveless Jumper

Striped V neck Jumper

Colour.... Light blue and Lilac stripes

Size 38inch

Yarn Double knitting acrylic

Kniited by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations

Garment 0034


                                         Short Sleeved Ladies Cardigan


     Colour…….Light Blue (J.C.Bretts shade no 8418), Polka Dot Buttons

     Style, Short  Sleeve cardigan.  Size Medium    Yarn  Acrylic

     Hand knitted in Lancashire by Helen of Colin and Carole's Creations.

Garment 0080


Multi Striped Waistcoat

Muliti coloured striped waistcoat 

Colours.....lots with a green borders

Size 36-38 inch, Yarn, Double knitting Acrylic

  Garment no 64

Hand knitted in Lancashire by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations


                             Ladies Blue Long Line Jumper


Blue long line Jumper


Colour Mottled Blue

Ladies medium size,

Garment no 78


Basket Weave Jumper


picture of mottled lilac jumper.

 This jumper has been created from a mottled lilac double knitting acrylic yarn.

It has a collar and a basket weave pattern.

Size 38 inch, ladies size 16.  Garment no 20.


Baby's Collared Coat and Hat Set
Babys jacket and hat, CMPatt001 
This garment has been designed and created by Carole, to her own design.
Created in pale rainbow colours.
The yarn is a lovely soft double knitting yarn.
It is sized at 20inch chest, so suitable for a baby up to about 20 months old.
The pattern is also available from The Wool Boat.


 Hoddied Jacket
Hooded jacket

Colour…….Red, White and Blue

Size    22 inch up to 18 months old.

 or the pattern and yarn are available from us. 

Yarn   Double knitting Acrylic, Robin Paint Box

Designed and Hand Knitted by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations

 Garment 0129



Rustic Aran Jumper


                                Oatmeal Rustic Aran with Flecks and a cable pattern 

                                            Size 44 inch chest, for a lady or a man.


White Baby's Cot Blanket
Garment 90 White Babys Blanket
Colour....white with green and yellow flecks
Style, Cot blanket with House, Duck,Yacht, Rocking Horse and letters motifs, hand knitted by Carole of Colin and Caroles Creations.
Size 20x28inch, 50x71cm approx size
Yarn Double knitting acrylic
Garment 90


Maroon Cardigan
Maroon Cardigan
Size 28-30
Hand knitted in Lancashire by Helen
for Colin and Caroles Creations.
Garment no 71
Duo Duck child's Jumper
Du ducks jumper   A Child's Jumper with two ducks upon it,

           Colour.......Lilac with a pair of ducks as a design

           Size  30-32 inch 

                   Yarn  Double knitting acrylic

                                                        Created by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations

                                                                             Garment no 0033


Maroon Boatman's Gansey
Maroon Boatmans Gansey


Colour, Maroon,  Size 44 inch, Yarn, Double knitting acrylic

Handknitted  by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations


Multi striped cardigan


Multi striped cardigan

Colour, lots of them! with brown cuffs, collar,and button band, a truly uniquie garment

Size 40inch

Price on request

Yarn, double knitting acrylic

Created and hand knitted by Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations

Garment 0046

Sleeveless Jumper

Sleeveless Jumper

A cream Sleeveless jumper with a traditional Aran pattern

     Size 40inch Chest Unisex   Yarn is a Cream wool/acrylic Aran

     Garment 25.

                                           Stripey Season, Autumn 2011

Garment 101
"Itssssss arrived!!!! Whoo hoo .. Brilliantly funky and very lovely! - thank you so much; in fact I'm going to wear it to a party I'm going to on Saturday - I think it'll go very well with cerice cargo pants and multi-coloured trainers don't you think!"
Tina's from Northants reaction to recieving the above waist coat she commisioned from us...
Garment 100

"Tracey thrilled with the jumper. Perfect in every way, Many thanks", V neck Jumper for Tracey in Dudley

Breaking news, March 2011 Carole has been commisioned to knit two ridged jackets, to a 1950's design in angora wool for a design student, Ella in Leicester. Ella designs lingerie and Carole's creations  will be used as accesiories at Ella's show. Pictures will follow. 

We have recently completed a fitted long line cardigan, in light blue for a customer in Wrightington.Long line fitted cardigan

 Multi coloured waistcoat picture     Lets start BRIGHT! a multi striped waist coat.

 Bryans Gansey       Or one of our specialities, a Boatmans Gansey knitted in pure Merino in a oatmaeal colour, commissioned  for Bryan in Ohio U.S.A by his wife for a special birthday present. 

   Maureens hoody   Maureen's Hoody. Knitted from a flecked aran wool with a hood to keep the ears warm, with pockets for the hands and toggles to keep the warmth in.






 Or a Gentleman's Cardigan? again from top value double knitting wool so fully machine washable


  a Gentlmens Cardigan pic








                                    Aran pic              

An Aran Jumper for Darren which he really appreicated, but so did his daughter who quickly claimed it!           


                  Gentlemans Multicolour Cardigan   A recently completed multicolour Cardigan, for Peter.

        Spanish Lace Jumper 

Spanish Lace Jumper



       Yarn    4 ply Acrylic

 Hand knitted in Lancashire by Glenys  

         for Colin and Carole's Creations

        Garment 0052


  Mottled Blue Boatmans Gansey

 Garment 67   Garment no 27

Colour…….Light blue  Yarn    Double knitting Acrylic

 Hand knitted in Lancashire by Glenys for Colin and Carole's Creations

   Delivered to Mandy Webb who comments " I have received the Gansey today. I love it, It fits exactly right and the colour is lovely. I can feel that it will be really lovely and warm, I will treasure it"

What ever you want, speak to Carole, she'll be able to help

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