James C Bretts knitting yarns in stock now, please ring 07931 356204 to order.

 last updated 26.1.2016


                  James C Bretts knitting yarns.

   James C Bretts produce a wide range of knitting yarns and we stock quite a few of them. If we don't have the yarn in stock you need we can usually obtain it for you within a few weeks.

   The complete range is detailed on James C Bretts own website, 

                                which is here 

                    Marble Double knitting yarns   


Marble box Jan 2016

     This is our marble box on 6.1.16 showing the range of colours and shades we have available on The Wool Boat.

    Marble  D K Mt 4     Marble D K Yarn Mt 9     Marble D K Yarn Mt 11    Marble D K Yarn Mt 14  

            Mt 4                                        Mt 9                                       Mt 11                                      Mt 14

        Marble D K Mt 18     Marble D K Mt 20    Marble D K yarn Mt 21

                      Mt 18                                                 Mt 20                                                            Mt 21     

    We also have in stock MT 1, MT 2, MT6, MT13, MT16, MT19, MT23, MT25,

                                       MT 26, MT27, MT28, MT29, MT31, and MT34

                          J C Bretts Marble Double knitting yarns page                                   

                                               Acrylic Yarn

                                              100 grams balls

                                                £2.75 per Ball plus postage and packing

 Boatmans Gansey Mt 20

Boatmans Gansey hand knitted in Mt 20.

   Top Value Tweed Double knitting yarns.


Top Value Tweed

              Top Value Tweed Double Knitting Yarn

                               Acrylic Yarn 100 grm balls

   At the moment, 31st December 2013 there are just six shades in the range

                     and we have them all in stock

       £2.20 per ball, plus postage and packing or come and collect your

            yarn from "Emma Maye" The Wool Boat.


We carry a range of baby yarns, most of which are based on acrylic's to make them easy to look after.

   There are further details of what we list on here on J.C. Bretts own website here

            Super Soft Baby Yarn - 4 Ply

     Super soft baby yarn BY1    Super soft Baby Yarn BY 3     

             BY 1                                       BY 3         

      Super Soft Baby Yarn BY 5   Super Soft Baby Yarn BY 6   

              BY 5                          BY 6                                    BY9

                     Super soft Baby Yarn - 4 ply

                     Acrylic Yarn

                      100 Gram Balls

                      £2.50 per ball plus postage and packing.

       Rainbow Super Soft Double knitting yarns

    this range  has now been discontinued to be replaced by a range of similar shades

                                 in the range called Rainbow Baby DK 

     We still have a ball of RB 12 left, dye no A613 but if you are travelling

                 for it please ring and ask if we still have it. 

Rainbow Super soft RB 12


                            RB 12  Acrylic Yarn 100 grm balls

               £2.50 per ball, plus postage and packing or come

                and collect your yarn from "Emma Maye" The Wool Boat.

                 Baby Bliss has now also been discontinued to be 

                                    replaced by Magi Knit,

               though we still have a 9 balls, at 20.11.15 left of BL6.

      of Magi knit we have, Y202 and Y401 Y402, 2135, 3044, 3047,

                            and 3067 all at £3.20 a 100grm ball.


Twinkle yarn
Ideal for Christmas Projects with a added


Twinkle yarn


Available in 18 colours, all with a spakley silver thread running through the yarn.

                                                                 Tk 1 Black

Tk 2 White

                                                                Tk 3 Red

Tk 4 Midnight

                                                             Tk 6 Teal

Tk 7 Maroon

                                                                Tk 8 Silver

Tk 9 Violet

                                                                Tk 10 Black/Silver

                                                                Tk 11 Cream

                                                                Tk 12 Brown

                                                                Tk 13 Pink

                                                                Tk 14 Light Blue

                                                                Tk 16 Turquoise

                                                                Tk 17 Sea Blue

                                                                Tk 22 Green

                                                                Tk 23 Denim Blue


The Yarn is 97% Acrylic and 3% Polyester
Ball Weight 100 grm
Length 300m/ 328yrds
Tension 22sts+30 rows per 10 cm /4 inch
Price £3.00 a ball