Welcome to Emma Maye The Wool boat for exclusive knitwear, photo art and knitting supplies

 Colin has been capturing images of the world around him for years and now believes he has become accomplished enough to present  images to you which you may decide you would like to own.

Last up dated 1.9.18. We've been to the Great Dorset Steam Fair, so starting to add images to the Photo and the Railway galleries.

As well as trying to follow the main photographers rule and "always carry a camera", and so try to capture images of the world as they appear before me, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said the "decisive moment", I will set off with the camera on the tripod and wait for the right light on a landscape. I hope you enjoy what you find within and will come and visit Emma Maye The Wool Boat. 

The images you will find here are a small selection of what I have in my collection so if you can't find what you are after please get in touch.

At the moment I have seven galleries, though there is some cross over between subjects.

The Railway gallery The newest gallery, I thought it was about time as it's one of my best loved subjects.  Up dated 29.8.18 

Birds Gallery, I'm not really a twitchier, but there are that many birds around the waterways I take the chance when it arrives. up dated 16.1.18

Photo art, my more creative pictures, updated 1.9.18, Images from the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Canals Gallery, the natural subject, updated 6.7.18

Burscough Gallery quite a few of these have been used for the yearly calendar I produced for a few years.

Christmas cards that I've produced over the years.

The View from the galley Gallery, at times a different picture every day, normally taken in the morning from one of the galley windows on "Emma Maye" up dated 1.3.18

All these images can be reproduced as a print or I can supply them as a electronic file, and a lot of them I make up into greetings cards that I sell from Emma Maye.

I also sell stock images through Alamy, 
Stock photography by Colin Wareing at Alamy

Please feel free to get in touch with your requirements.

March 2015 Colin's images hung on the stairway to the 2nd floor aparment at Ainscoughs Mill the full story is on his blog
Colin's pictures in Ainscoughs mill apartment

These earned a £140 donation to the H and R Ainscough Barge restoration project as Eileen Wilcocks the interior designer who requested them did so via the group.