Teds Mate's page

We have a mascot, Brindley the Teddy Bear, and he is always on the look out for new mates to come and visit him on the Wool Boat.

Here are a few of the new mates he has made over the last few years.

Page up dated 24th January 2018 


                       "Brindley", the Wool Boat's Teddy Mascot 


Ted crossing Barton Aqueduct


      Here Brindley crosses the Barton Aqueduct on the Bridgewater canal as it

                                  crosses the Manchester Ship Canal.

     Brindley was named by Laura Evans after James Brindley the canal engineer.

             As you can see Brindley is a Southport F.C. supporter as well :-)

       It's a bit of a secret, but if your bear, and it's got to be a bear, comes aboard The Wool Boat to meet and have his or her picture taken with Brindley you can have your yarn at "Ted's Mates" rates, price list here.

  Every one who's bear or person is in these images have agreed for us to use them , however if any causes offence and you would like us to remove them just let us know.

  Brindleys mates....

Brindley’s first new mate of 2018.

Brindley and sweep

The bear to the right of Brindley is “Sweep” Jan’s bear.

Jan came to collect balls of West Yorkshire Aire Valley D K yarn to knit a second gansey from one of Carole’s patterns. This one will be for Jan’s husband, having already knitted one for herself.



Brindley with Jan's teddies


Brindley and Jan's teddies. 27.10.17

Jan brought two teddies to visit Brindley on the Wool Boat in Parbold on the 27th of October 2017

The bear to the right of Brindley is "Ribbon Bear" named because he always wears a ribbon, while the one to the left is the old bear....as Jan reckons he's about 60 years old, he could be the oldest bear that has been to make mates with Brindley.

Jan came to collect some West Yorkshire Aire Valley D K yarn to knit a gansey from to one of Carole's patterns.

Image Cw 5048 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations


Ruth and Colin and the teddies


Ruth, Colin and the teddies

Brindley had quite a special new mate to come and visit him at Halsall. Ruth, Capt Col's daughter brought Andrew to meet Brindley.

Brindley is The Wool Boats mascot and Andrew was Ruth's first teddy, a present from Colin just after she was born.

Because Brindley is The Wool Boats mascot, if you bring your bear to meet Brindley you can have the commercially produced yarn we stock at Teds Mates rates.

Colin Wareing 20.5.17

Image Cw 3027 copyright Carole Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations


ted and the Halsall Navvy

Brindley's found a new mate that likes his "Teds mates rates offer"


The Mystery Bear 

Brindley became mates with the mystery bear on The Wool Boat at Burscough Lancashire on the 5th of November 2016.

The mystery bears owner came along with her mum who bought some James C Brett's Cool Cotton yarn for crocheting with which she got at Ted's mates rates.

They had heard about Teds mates rates from The Wool Boat at the Yarnigans knit and natter in Maghull but didn't quite believe it until they boarded the boat J

Mystery Bear? Well no one could quite tell us his name!

Mystery bear and Brindley




Ten pence bear and Brindley bear Rishton September 2016

Teddy Bears Ten pence and Brindley become mates on The Wool Boat at Rishton Lancashire on the 25th of September.

Ten pence's bear's mum bought some Twinkle yarn to crochet Jelly fish from which she got at Teds mates rates.


Ten pence and Brindley Bears 

Brindley and Nana bear September 2016

Teddy Bears Brindley and Nana become mates on The Wool Boat at Greenberfield Lancashire

Nana's Bear mum bought some Aran yarn which she got at Teds mates rates.


Nana bear and Brindley 

      Mr Bear and Brindley at Gargrave, Brindley had a busy day that day


Mr Bear and Brindley


                                Clarissa and Brindley


Clarissa and Brindley



                     Clarissa and Brindley bears September 2016

Teddy Bears Clarissa and Brindley become mates on The Wool Boat in Gargrave in North Yorkshire.

Clarissa's mum bought some Opal sock yarn which she got at Teds mates rates of £7.90 for a 100 gram ball.


Brindley and Stowaway bear


Brindley and Stowaway bear 


Cw 1719 Brindley and Stowaway bear

Bindley Bear, The Wool Boats mascot has got a stowaway mate.

This bear came aboard The Wool Boat in Lydiate over the yarn shop weekend of 30th April to 2nd May 2016.

He was crocheted by Ruth from the recently formed "Yarngans" knitting and crochet group that meet in Maghull a couple of times a week.

The stowaway is called Rainbow and is now travelling with Brindley along the Leeds and Liverpool canal.



                            George, Brindley and Knitty Nora April 2016

George, Brindley and knitty nora 


Cw 1717 George, Brindley and Knitty Nora April 2016

George and Brindley bears along with Knitty Nora become mates on The Wool Boat near The Running Horses on Bells Lane, Lydiate, near bridge no 16 on the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

George's mum, Val also brought along Knitty Nora. Nora is the mascot of "Yarnagrans" a knitting and crochet groups that meets twice a week in Maghull. Further details are on their face book page here at https://www.facebook.com/groups/yarnagans/ or the website http://yarnagrans.weebly.com/ who welcome new members to join them.

Colin Wareing 2.5.16

Purl and Brindley Bears


 Brindley on Yarn sjhop day 2015 1

                                        oops wrong date, it was Yarn shop day 2015



Brindley Yarn shop day 2015 2



                                    Brindley and Murgatroy

                                                     Brindley and Murgatroyd


Brindley and Honey Bear

                                                     Brindley and Honey


Brindley and Flaxen bears


                                                       Flaxen and Brindley bears

                  Harrod and Brindley Bears

                                                Harrod and Brindley Bears

             Two Teds with Brindley

                                            Two Teds with Brindley


Bombi and Brindley Bears


                                                  Bombi and Brindley Bears


Brindley, Barnaby and Daisy Bears


                                              Brindley Barnaby and Daisy bears.

This young chap had to find Barnaby bear from The Tarleton Day nursery some where new to go for the weekend. He came to visit Brindley on The Wool Boat at Burscough so along with Daisy bear they all became Ted's Mates.

This meant grandma got the yarn she bought at Teds Mates Rates.

Colin Wareing 2.3.16



As always, if you are making a special trip to buy any yarn at Teds Mates Rates please ring 07931 356204 to confirm we still have the yarn in stock.