Welcome to Emma Maye, The Wool Boat for exclusive knitwear, photo art and knitting supplies. 

 page last updated 2nd of August 2018

Knitting has come back into fashion, but a lot of the wool shops that used to be in every village and town have disappeared, so if you live not far from a canal the wool shop is coming to you!

 If it's not wool or yarn's you need but all the other bit's....

     We carry stocks of comercially produced patterns from baby sizes through to adults,

        and Carole makes available her exclusive designs for you to create yourself.

    We don't insist that if you buy your pattern from us you don't need to buy the wool,

                           though of course that would be nice.

         We carry a range of knitting needles in metal or bamboo along with circular needles

          A couple of news useful items.....

Knit Pro crochet hooks.

Now Carole is doing a bit more crocheting she has decided to up grade her hooks to some with a softer handle so she is trying out some "Knit Pro" Waves hooks. We have got a few extra in so these are now for sale at £2.50 a hook, in sizes 4 and 5 mm.

 Knit pro crochet hooks.


Knit Pro shawl pins August 2018

New range of "Knit Pro" Shawl pin's aboard and ready for customers of The Wool Boat.

Price is £6.50 each

 Knit pro shawl pin's

 Brindley's big buttons.


Brindley and big buttons

Brindley and big buttons 23.8.17

We've got a new supply of big plastic buttons as displayed by our mascot Brindley.

They are approximately 34mm in diameter, 4 holes and a range of bright colours.

They sell for 20p each or £5.50 for a jar of 30 in mixed colours.  

                         The Book Shelf on the Wool Boat.

The Book Shelf on the Wool Boat
This images was from 18.4.2013.
Some or all of these books my no longer be in stock, see the list below but if you are making a special trip, please ring us beforehand to confirm the book is still in stock.

Traditional Aran knitting by Shelagh Hollingworth, price £14.99

Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore, price £24.00

Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore

Books on The Wool Boat at the moment are half price, including this one, "Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore" Described as the definitive guide to designing and knitting in the Irish Aran tradition.

Lots of patterns, lovely photography, soft cover version running to 220 pages, normal price £24, now available for £12 plus £5 p and p.

We can also supply the yarn with a special nod towards The Lancashire Wool we have on board at the moment.

Fabulous Fair Isle Knitting by Patty Knox price £12.99

Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann price £23.99

The OlympKnits By Laura Long price £6.99

A Canal people Robert Long by Sonia Rolt price £12.99

Nordic Knitting Traditions by Susan Anderson-Freed price £16.99

Nordic Knitting traditions book

All the above are new books, whilst below are our 2nd hand ones

Cross Stistch for Knitwear by Janet Haig price £5.00

We also have a "book box" where we resell the novels that we have read, for 50p each, we haven't room to keep them all! or just come and swop.

As always, if you are making a special trip to buy any of the above, please

ring 07931 356204 to confirm we still have the book in stock.

We are always on the look out for good condition 2nd hand knitting and related crafts books.

              9 new buttons added to the Button Box in April 2015

9 Buttons March 2015

We have a fair range of buttons aboard from basic solid colours up to nice hand painted ones

                                               Other items of interest                

pom pom makers


                               Pom Pom Maker £2.00


                 We have selection of Buttons ranging in price from 5p to 50p

          Small jars of buttons

        Small Jars of buttons, average content is 32 buttons, 15 gram and £1 per Jar

           Toy Stuffing, capok toy stuffing at £3.00 for a 250grm pack 


   If there are any other supplies you need please just ask and we'll see what we can do for you.

  We offer knitting kits that contain all that is needed

        to create a wool hat or scarf or for the more

              experienced knitter a Gansey.

      the kits come in their own Jute bag and contain

            a Pattern

            a pair of needles, children's size ones in the starter kit,

           a beginning knitting book, which gives full instructions to get started

           and of course Yarn, enough to complete the garment.

           As part of our personal service the colours of yarns can be varied to suit your taste.

                           These are priced at £5. and £6.00

       We don't have a minimum purchase, so you can buy a pattern or just one ball of wool, though of course we would appreciate you becoming a regular customer and a friend of The Wool Boat.

               Please ring or visit us here for prices.