Carole’s broken shoulder saga.

Carole broke her shoulder on Friday the 16th of September 2022

We had gone into Southport on the northwest coast of England with the aim of having a walk along the pier.

The pier is the 2nd longest one in the country, only bettered by the one in Southend in Essex.

The pier has a decking of wooden planks, which are in the process of being replaced, but they haven’t got too far in doing the job yet.

May be Carole tripped over one of the planks or it was just an accident, however she took a tumble and fell forwards hitting the decking.

She got up with a bloody lip, wobbly teeth and a painful shoulder.

We got her to the accident and emergency at Southport Hospital where after a not unreasonable wait of about 3 hours she was seen by a nurse who sent her off for a x-ray which reviled that she had broken her shoulder.

They provided her with a sling and said that all they could do is to keep a eye on it, it will eventually heal its self. Eventually could be 6 weeks. Carole has been given pain killer pills and will go back to the fracture clinic next week.

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