We may only seem to be a small shop being based on a canal boat, but you may be surprised at the range of yarns we do carry.

We supply a range of shades and weights of yarn form 4 ply through double knitting and onto chunkies and Aran’s.

We also carry a good range of “Notions”, needles, for knitting and hooks for crochet, a selection of patterns and plenty of advice from Carole a very experienced knitter.

Our main ranges come from J C Bretts, a long established Yorkshire based yarn merchant.

We also carry ranges from West Yorkshire Spinners and Opal.

J.C. Bretts yarns
Yarns in Red have stopped being produced, we can not get any more
Aran rustic colours 400 gram Ball£11.00
Aran plain colours400 gram Ball£9.00
Aztec aran100 gram ball£3.25
Baby Rainbow100 gram ball£2.50
Baby Shimmer100 gram ball£2.50
Baby Soft and Gentle100 gram ball£3.20
Baby Super Soft DK100 gram ball£2.50
Cotton on / Kool Kotton50 gram ball£2.00
Craft Cotton100 gram ball£1.60
Chunky with Merino100 gram ball£3.50
D K with Merino100 gram ball£3.50
Fairground100 gram ball£3.50
Funny Feetz sock yarn100 gram ball£6.00
Funny Feetz with Bamboo sock yarn100 gram ball£6.50
Faux Fur Scarf yarn100 gram ball£6.00
Happiness DK 100 gram ball£3.00
Landscape DK100 gram ball£3.00
Magi Knit100 gram ball£3.20
Marble Chunky200 gram ball£6.00
Marble D K 100 gram ball£2.80
Merino Double Knitting50 gram ball£4.65
Misty Double knitting100 gram ball£2.50
Northern Lights150 gram ball£6.00
Party Time Chunky100 gram ball£3.50
Pure Cotton 100 gram ball£3.20
Top Value Double Knitting100 gram ball£1.80
Top Value Chunky100 gram ball£2.00
Twinkle Double Knitting100 gram ball£3.00
Twinkle Prints Double Knitting 100 gram ball£3.50
Stonewash DK100 gram ball£3.00
4 ply yarns100 gram ball£2.50
Tranquil Chunky 100 gram ball£3.75
DMC Yarns
Nutra Just cotton50 gram ball£3.85
Pettra Cotton for cabin lace100 gram ball£5.50
West Yorkshire Spinners 
Signature 4 ply 100 gram ball£8.50
Wensleydale gems DK             100 gram Skein£8.50
Aire Valley DK100 gram ball£5.00
Croft DK 100 gram Skein£9.50
Colour lab 100 gram ball£6.50
Illustrious from WYS100 gram ball£9.95
Opal 4 ply sock yarns 100 gram ball£8.00
Wooly Knits
Countryside Tweed Double knitting100 gram ball£6.00
Lofty Chunky 100 gram ball£6.50
Prices effective from 12th May 2022 subject to change without notice
Phone no 07931 356204
e-mail colinandcarolescreations@yahoo.co.uk
Mail order enquires welcome, post free over £30.
web page www.thewoolboat.co.uk

While we can post out yarn we would rather let you have the chance to come and see the yarn in real life, have a squidge, see the colours and buy straight from the boat.

You also get the advantage of buying from a knitter who will have knitted with the yarn, or know some one who has, you won’t have to wait for the post person, you’ll be dealing with real people, not a computer.

Col is also happy to deliver, for free, within a 5ish mile radius of Burscough when we are at “home” on the mooring and can take payment by cash or card when he drops your yarn off.

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