We may only seem to be a small shop being based on a canal boat, but you may be surprised at the range of yarns we do carry.

We supply a range of shades and weights of yarn form 4 ply through double knitting and onto chunkies and Aran’s.

We also carry a good range of “Notions”, needles, for knitting and hooks for crochet, a selection of patterns and plenty of advice from Carole a very experienced knitter.

Our main ranges come from J C Bretts, a long established Yorkshire based yarn merchant.

We also carry ranges from West Yorkshire Spinners and Opal.

J.C. Bretts yarns
Aran rustic colours 400 gram Ball£11.00
Aran plain colours400 gram Ball£9.00
Aztec aran100 gram ball£3.25
Baby Rainbow100 gram ball£2.50
Baby Shimmer100 gram ball£2.50
Baby Soft and Gentle100 gram ball£3.20
Cotton on / Kool Kotton50 gram ball£2.00
Craft Cotton100 gram ball£1.60
Chunky with Merino100 gram ball£3.50
D K with Merino100 gram ball£3.50
Fairground100 gram ball£3.00
Funny Feetz sock yarn100 gram ball£6.00
Funny Feetz with Bamboo sock yarn100 gram ball£6.50
Faux Fur Scarf yarn100 gram ball£6.00
Landscape DK100 gram ball£3.00
Magi Knit100 gram ball£3.20
Marble Chunky200 gram ball£6.00
Marble D K 100 gram ball£2.75
Merino Double Knitting50 gram ball£4.65
Misty Double knitting100 gram ball£2.50
Northern Lights150 gram ball£6.00
Party Time Chunky100 gram ball£3.50
Pure Cotton 100 gram ball£3.00
Top Value Double Knitting100 gram ball£1.80
Top Value Chunky100 gram ball£2.00
Twinkle Double Knitting100 gram ball£3.00
Twinkle Prints Double Knitting 100 gram ball£3.50
Stonewash DK100 gram ball£3.00
4 ply yarns100 gram ball£2.50
Tranquil Chunky 100 gram ball£3.75
DMC Yarns
Nutra Just cotton50 gram ball£3.85
Pettra Cotton for cabin lace100 gram ball£5.50
Designer Yarns
Ranco 4 ply 100 gram Skein£7.95
Botany Lace 4 ply100 gram Skein£12.95
West Yorkshire Spinners 
Signature 4 ply 100 gram ball£7.50
Wensleydale gems DK             100 gram Skein£8.50
Aire Valley DK100 gram ball£5.00
Opal 4 ply sock yarns 100 gram ball£8.00
Wooly Knits
Countryside Tweed Double knitting100 gram ball£6.00
Lofty Chunky 100 gram ball£6.50
Prices effective from 25th February 2021 subject to change without notice
Phone no 07931 356204
e-mail colinandcarolescreations@yahoo.co.uk
Mail order enquires welcome, post free over £30.
web page www.thewoolboat.co.uk

While we can post out yarn we would rather let you have the chance to come and see the yarn in real life, have a squidge, see the colours and buy straight from the boat.

You also get the advantage of buying from a knitter who will have knitted with the yarn, or know some one who has, you won’t have to wait for the post person, you’ll be dealing with real people, not a computer.

Col is also happy to deliver, for free, within a 5ish mile radius of Burscough when we are at “home” on the mooring and can take payment by cash or card when he drops your yarn off.

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