Updated 20th January 2022

We really love it when people send us pictures of garments and items they have created from yarn that they have bought from The Wool Boat.

This page is intended to be a gallery of your beautiful work.

Please feel free to send us more pictures and we’ll add them here.

Carole and Capt Col 20.2.2021

Black and white kitty blanket by Andrea

Black and white kitty blanket by Andrea

“Knitted from James Brett Top value acrylic in black and white shades. The pattern is from a vintage baby blanket from the 60s that belonged to my Leigh Grandma. She passed all her needles and patterns on to me when her eyesight started to fail and hands got too arthritic. Had it in my pattern collection for about 40 years? “


Knitted by Andrea as a Christmas present for one of her daughter’s cats, so couldn’t show it to you before now.

We have a wide range of shades of this yarn available for £1.80 per 100 gram (price at 20.1.2022) details here

Cardie by Sue from pure cotton August 2021
One of our local customers, Sue, has knitted this lovely babies’ cardigan from James C Brett’s “Pure Cotton” in the pink shade IC06. Thanks to Sue for buying the yarn from us and sharing the picture. We have a further 5 shades of this 100% cotton yarn, in the shades of White, Navy Blue, Red, Blue and Lilac, in stock that it comes in 100 gram balls priced at £3 a ball. Carole and Colin on The Wool Boat.

Details and shades of It’s Pure Cotton are here

A blanket hand knitted by a local customer, Sarita, from DK with Merino, this being shade DM10, one of 21 shades we have on the Wool Boat, details here
Sarita says, “This is the one I made with the James C Brett with Merino – it was an absolute pleasure to knit with!”
Sarita has her own Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/sazzyknits/

A Cushion cover by Anne Robinson.
A cushion cover knitted from James C Bretts Landscape yarn by Anne Robinson. The pattern, created by Anne is based on the dragon tooth shawls that Carole has been knitting recently. The yarn is landscape shade LS04, a DK weight yarn, which though now discontinued we still have some balls of this and other shades in stock. Image Cw 7439 copyright Anne Robinson

More details of this yarn can be found here

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