Colin’s other main interest is photography, his main interest’s are Railway’s and Canal’s

On Tuesday the 26.9.2023  I went off on the train to take pictures of some goings on around the Peak Forest and Macclesfield canal in Marple.

I had to change trains in Manchester and came across a artist painting a impressive station scene in all the hustle and bustle of the busy concourse of Manchester Piccadilly station stands Rob Pointon working on an oil painting called “Playing to the crowd”

I got chatting to Rob the artist, finding out he and his wife toured a good bit of the country on a narrowboat at one time, creating art work as he went.

The subject of the painting is a chap, Joseph Westwood who modelled for Rob. Joseph is a regular on this piano on his way in and out of work. The piano has been here on Piccadilly station for a few years and is free for anyone to have a go on.

This painting was influenced by the work of Terance Cuneo the renowned railway artist, though without the mouse.

I think the great thing about his painting is the subject is the movement of people on a busy modern station.

Rob Pointon painting at Manchester Piccadilly 26.9.2023
Image Cw 8445 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations
Rob Pointon painting at Manchester Piccadilly 26.9.2023.
Image Cw 8446 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations

As well as trying to follow the main photographers rule and “always carry a camera”, and so try to capture images of the world as they appear before me, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said the “decisive moment”, I will set off with the camera on the tripod and wait for the right light on a landscape. I hope you enjoy what you find within and will come and visit Emma Maye The Wool Boat. 

The images you will find here are a small selection of what I have in my collection so if you can’t find what you are after please get in touch.

At the moment I have a couple of galleries, though there is some cross over between subjects.

I also produce a range of greetings cards that we sell from The Wool Boat, all are blank cards that can be used for any purpose, complete with a envelope they are priced at £2 each.

I’ve put some more specific pages together focusing on different subjects

The Canal gallery pictures are here

My railway pictures are in a gallery here

The Burscough picture gallery is here


I love to get my images out there for other people to enjoy or to tell a story and regularly contribute to a number of magazines or periodicals.

I have been lucky enough to have my pictures published in

Towpath Talk

Waterways World


Railway Magazine

Rail Express

And Farmers Guardian

I also contribute to the picture library Alamy from where you can licence my images for your or your business use, or have prints and wall art made from them.

Alamy, just search for Colin Wareing which will bring up a selection

If from these resources or my social media out put you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch and I’ll see if I can help either from my collection of images or I can go out and shoot some new ones.

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Towpath Talk page 6 August 2022 Middlewich Fab. Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival 2022 as I photographed and reported for the canal newspaper “Towpath Talk” with seven images used which are all on or website and available through Alamy and PicFair. Colin Wareing Image Cw 9011 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations Picture by Colin Wareing

All the pic’s from this page in Towpath Talk are here on a age of their own.

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