Driftwood yarn from James C Brett
Driftwood DW1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on top line DW 6,7,8,9,10 on Bottom line.
J C Bretts Driftwood double knitting weight yarn in a nice range of shades available from The Wool Boat. We now have all 10 different shades of this range of yarn in stock.

We now have all 10 different shades of this range of yarn in stock.

On the top line of this picture from left to right are

DW01 in shades of Browns and creams

DW02 in shades of Greens and creams

DW03 in shades of pink, yellow and creams

DW04 in shades of brown, blue and creams

DW05 in shades of light blue, green and creams

DW06 in shades of lilac, fawn and creams

DW07 in shades of grey, pink and creams

DW08 in shades of blues and creams

DW09 in shades of Grey, brown and creams

DW10 in shades of purple, green and creams. 

Machine Washable 100% Anti – pilling Acrylic

100 gram balls, 4 mm needles, 316 yards / 290m knits to most D K patterns.

£3.60 per 100 gram ball.

Ideally come and find The Wool Boat to see the colours in real life and feel this nice yarn, but if you can not get to us we can post out to a uk address, please get in touch on 07931 356204 or e-mail colinandcarolescreations@yahoo.co.uk

Cw 9043 Driftwood DW02 WIP 8.9.2022
Carole has started knitting a shawl from J C Bretts Driftwood that is new in stock on The Wool Boat. This is shade DW02 in colours of greens and creams. Carole says that this yarn is lovely to knit with. Slips along the needles nicely and she hasn’t found a any splitting in this double weight anti pilling acrylic yarn. Cw 9043 Photo Copyright Colin Wareing
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