Canal Boatman’s Style Gansey knitting pattern


A pattern for a average sized modern boatman’s gansey


A knitting pattern for a modern boatman’s gansey.

This pattern has been designed to enable you to knit a modern boatman’s gansey to fit a average person.

It is a named modern as it is knitted on 2 needles in 4 pieces and then sewn together, where as a traditional gansey was knitted on a number of needles and in the round with no sewing together.

This pattern is designed to be knitted from double knitting or worsted weight yarn.

Designed and knitted by Carole Wareing form Colin and Carole’s Creation’s based on The Wool Boat, a canal narrow boat based on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in West Lancashire.

The pattern is a down load and is available as either a Word file or a pdf and costs £2.50.

A Modern Boatmans gansey hand knitted by Carole Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations and The Wool Boat.
This gansey Carole knitted to her own pattern. It is called a modern boatman’s gansey as it was knitted in a modern style that while it is based on the basic principles of a gansey it is knitted on two needles and then the pieces are sewn together. Traditionally Ganseys where knitted in the round on a set of 5 needles.
This garment has been created from an acrylic yarn in a navy blue shade which was the colour traditional fishermen’s gansey where knitted in for everyday use. The yarn for this garment is James C Bretts Top value double knitting weight yarn.
Garment 001
This is a self portrait by Colin Wareing
Image Cw 5080 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations
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