Hope you are all ok?
Despite all that has engulfed the country and the world over the last eighteen months, two years we are still here, and still running the Wool Boat, thankfully not one of the local yarn shops that had to close their doors and have not reopened.
Hopefully we are coming out of the other side of the pandemic now, but like a lot of folks we are still a bit apprehensive of what the future holds.
Thus we have not been far from our moorings near Burscough, we don’t think we’ve done a lock in over two years, and for the time being that’s the way it’ll stay. We just don’t fancy getting locked down too far from “home” that could takes us days or weeks to get back from.
What the lock down period has reinforced with us is our belief that where possible you should be able to buy your wool and yarn where you can see the proper colour and you can feel the texture. We fully intend to carry on being a local yarn shop that is open for you to come and visit us instead of having to order from a computer.
Having said that we do appreciate that all of you can’t get to us.
We can and will post out within the UK or deliver locally and are always here on the end of the phone.
Over lock down Col has been slowly building a new website and we are planning on starting to send out our “Creations Chronicles” again.
We have lots of ideas about building a “Wool boat” community of crafters, maybe called the Wool Boat Crew? (WBC) and welcome all ideas or questions which we are looking forward to, along with pictures of what you have created from yarn you have bought from us, that we can put them on “Customers Creations” page on the website.
Please feel free to share this with anyone you may think would be interested.
Thank you Carole and Capt Col.
Find us at www.thewoolboat.co.uk
Search for us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry.

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